Sunday, July 24, 2011

Heterochromia Rationalization

Waking up hot and drench with sweat, this is Texas. This is...

A few things that happen in one person's life. It's been fun...

Art Slam! in San Antonio was a blasted. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of something so cool and fun.


H-Train art.


Slam piece.

Rob printing tees.

Evil Dave.


Crystal's birthday bash.

Classy ladies.

DJ Ric.

Hit the road.

H-town vinyl store.

Now it's time for everyone's favorite time, "Yes, it's a real product!" time. Today we feature hair gel called, "Moco de Gorila" and seems to be quite popular. Check it...

Send in your crazy products for us to review.

Mine tagger.

Different color eyes cat.

Moontower Inn, Houston TX.

Star gazing.

Big thanks to Kisha-Marie for telling us about Wugazi project. If you are a fan of Fagazi or Wutang then you will dig the mash up of both groups. And for a short time you can download for free and legal here or do a web search. Super sounds, thank you Kisha-Marie.
And now something to lighten your day, we hope.
No disrespect to anyone but this is an old picture that's never been posted. But if we offend anyone then you shouldn't be reading this blog.
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