Sunday, July 10, 2011

We Are All Energy And No One Ever Dies

Window fish.
"Some day you will die and somehow, something's going to steal you carbon." Lyric from a Modest Mouse song called, Parting of a Sensory.
"We are all energy and no one ever dies" Tony Alma said that.
A lot of negative energy around us so we have no choice but to be positive. Here are some delicious gourmet for your eyes. So put on some Modest Mouse and feed you minds friends, feed you mind...

Words on the floor by unknown artist at Flight Gallery or close to it.

Hood of an abandon pick-up truck.

Unknown artist at Gallista Gallery.

Rosendo Sandoval.

DJ at Gallista Gallery.

Photo print by Efrain Salinas.

Middle art by Jenny Olvera.

Unknown artist.

Sign on Vato's door.

Misfit Vader.

Artist Ed Saavedra.

Music for the eyes.

Now it's time to go out, in this hot as weather, and take more pictures. Keep the flow going...

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Anonymous said...

ha, good one