Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fighting Emotions Eradicate Lonesome

Like a punch in the face it will come to you.
Only a few days left so hurry and put your bids in. If you would like a custom design candle send an email with the details.
So after an enduring long bike ride with a backpack filled with a camera, lens, water, food, markers, and a head full of ideas you get to see the pictures of that day, fun...

Fixing flats sucks balls.


Taking walks in a garden somewhere.

Strange things are going on right now and you don't even know.

Beer can house in Houston, go before they built townhouses there.

Beer can house.

If it's not your art and you got the stencil online is it still worth the time and risk?
The more things change the more they stay the same.

How much more time do we have left?
Thanks to everyone that has spread the word about this blog. Ten more post and we hit 100 blog post! Where and when should we celebrate and who wants to join? Should we set a time and day? Anybody want to help?

Take care everyone...

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Johnny said...

sweet pics, hope u got my email about the candle. can't wait dude!