Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Traveling Individual Mighty Energetic

Been working on a few mexican candles to sell. For the subscribers, they knew ahead of time and had 1st pick. This set is going to be a bidding war, so starting from right to left numbers 1 thru 6 they will start at $40 each. *Side note* the 3rd one from the right that is black ink only has a bid on it already. The end of the bidding will be on the May 25, 2012 so send your bids through email and the next set will be 1st come 1st sold.

Yes, last post somethings were said but get over it. Move on sucka!

And here is another one that was finished two drunken nights ago.
Thinking of just keeping this one and lighting it tonight for lost loved ones.
Trying to decide if we should keep this blog going or just shut it down. Is there a way to make money off this blog?
Feed back would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you and take care...

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