Sunday, May 27, 2012

eye want to fly into the I of the storm

As the fire burns we ride on.
The last Friday of every month a group of people organized a bike ride. Critical Mass is one of the biggest and funnest bike ride to ever come together. A friend had said to join them and boy was he right. So with a camera in one hand we went along for the ride. Here are a few of the pictures of the event...

As the sun set spirits arose and rode into the dawn of a movement like no other.

Chicken head was there, where were you?

This isn't the future, this isn't the past, it's the present and it is a great fucking gift so fucking enjoy it fuckers and be fucking grateful.

 Everyone have a good, fun time.
 Even saw a lot of free art while on the ride.

Had a fun time and made lot's new friends and will try and do it again if still in town. One never knows what life has in store for them. If you would like more info on Critical Mass bike ride go to

So after lighting this candle and going to the restroom for a few seconds, and like that... it's gone.
Someone took it. At least we got some great shoots, click on the pictures and save as wallpaper for your devises. Send pictures of you and your wallpaper to and i'll post them here. Thank you.



Erika D. said...

Nice photos!!1 I met you at Marissa's last Friday, my husband and I loved your work, let me know how we can get it on our walls!



Hey Erika, thanks and email me @ and lets get some original artwork on your wall. you can also check out my flickr account